Lego production

We manufacture most things in plastic

Lego production

We perform all subcontracting services related to plastics, from small to large. What is unique about our production is that we are able to make really large products.

At Jaxal AB, it is important for us to understand the needs of all customers. We always make sure to understand the entire process in order to deliver the best result within the time frames we agree on.
With our 30 years of experience and broad expertise in vacuum forming & extrusion welding in various types of plastic, you can use us for your subcontracting production in an efficient and smooth way.

Contact us and tell us more about what you need and we will solve it together.

An environmentally friendly choice

The HD-PE plastic is 100% recyclable and all waste from production is made into granules that are reused.

Finishing and assembling

Finishing and assembling takes place in large, purpose-built premises with working methods adapted to handle large volumes without compromising quality during final assembly.

Produktion personal

Fast, rational production with

Vacuum moulding

Our products are manufactured by vacuum moulding. Our machines are some of the largest in Europe, allowing us to produce large series of top quality. With the help of computerised vacuum forming, we achieve fast, rational production with high quality and very few deviations.

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Examples of products

Plastic inserts for the popular hot tubs

Plastic inserts for hot tubs are some of the products we make to order for customers!

blå badtunna

svart badtunna

vit badtunna

Mini-treatment plants

The mini-treatment plant is a complete wastewater treatment system that handles all household wastewater (toilet, bath, dish and laundry water). The plants are designed so that all treatment steps are integrated in a single tank.


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