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Our history

When Jaxal AB was founded in 1992, we manufactured aluminium trailers and covers for passenger cars. We stopped manufacturing trailers in 1998 to focus on developing the best plastic trailer covers on the market.

Since December 2020, Jaxal AB has formed part of a group together with parent company Nordic Plast Oy and the subsidiary Muovitekniikka Oy Europlast.

We are the biggest single manufacturer in Europe and today our covers can be found all over the Nordics as well as in Russia, Estonia and Germany.

Produktion personal

The road to the best covers

Our products are manufactured by vacuum forming. Our machines are among the biggest in Europe, and this allows us to produce long, top quality series. By using digitally controlled vacuum forming, we achieve fast, rational, high quality manufacturing with very few deviations.

An eco-friendly choice

Because HD-PE plastic is 100% recyclable, all production waste is made into granules for reuse.


Post production and assembly

Post production and assembly is carried out in large, purpose-built premises using methods ideal for handling large volumes without sacrificing quality during final assembly.

Subcontract production

We carry out plastic-related subcontract services, large or small. Our production is unique in that we have the capability to make really big products.

Being aware of our customer’s every need is important to us at Jaxal AB. We always make sure we understand the entire process in order to deliver the best result in the timeframes agreed upon. We have 30 years’ experience and extensive expertise in vacuum forming & extruder welding in different types of plastics, and this makes us the efficient, flexible choice for your subcontract production.

Contact us, tell us more about your needs and let us find a solution together.

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