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Jaxal-kåpa med släp

Things to consider when choosing a model

When choosing a cover, you must naturally consider the size of your trailer, but it’s also important to think about what you will usually carry in it. Do you need space for high loads, or do you mostly carry low loads? Consider this before choosing the cover that best suits your needs. The model designations refer to the height of the trailer cover in millimetres. A cover designated Model 1250 is 1.25 metres high.

Model 1000

The Model 1000 is the best-selling trailer cover on the market. It provides space for varied or cumbersome loads and is ideal for hauling large furniture. A very spacious model that, despite its size, contributes to better fuel economy.

If at any point you need space for high loads, the cover is very easy to remove and lift away thanks to its quick latches.

  • Height

    1000 mm

  • Width

    from 1300 - 1913 mm

  • Length

    from 2500 - 4060 mm

  • Weight

    from 40 kg

  • Material



Our covers come in black or light grey with matte finishes. For large orders, we can customize covers in the colour of your choice.


Made from durable HD-PE plastic

The covers are vacuum-formed in HD-PE plastic. HD-PE is a tough, lightweight, impact-resistant material able to withstand temperatures between -40 and +70C. The weight of a complete cover ranges from around 35 kg for a small model to around 100 kg for the largest.

HD-PE plastic is also an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material that is resistant to most chemicals.

Detailed design provides flexibility

While plastic makes the cover light and durable, it’s the detailed design that makes our products flexible, safe and super easy to use. When the cover is in place, both the front and rear panels can be opened, making it easy to fit really long loads. The quick latches allow you to quickly and easily install and remove your cover.

Självlåsande säkerhetsspärr

Load safely

Self-locking safety latches make loading safely easy. Even when you're loading alone.


Easy to remove

Easier removal with quick latches.

A safe place for your load

The cover is lockable, so you can relax when you leave the load in the trailer.

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