Read here to find out how our practical accessories make using your trailer cover even more flexible.

Trailer and ATV load box

The Jaxal box is a spacious storage and cargo box for safely storing accessories for your ATV or trailer. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble.


The box comes in one size and is available in light grey or black.

The Jaxal Box

A safe place for your accessories

Just like our covers, the Jaxal box is made from durable HD-PE plastic that can handle extremely low and high temperatures. It’s easy to assemble.

Easy to load and unload

Self-locking interlock

A simple, popular accessory that makes loading and unloading your trailer easy. When you fold the cover up into the open position, the latch locks automatically.

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Loading from the side

Side hinges

Need to load and unload from the side? Then replace your hinges with a side hinge. Side hinges can be installed on all trailers with panels higher than 30 cm.

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